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Fuel Delivery Trucks

Standard Features DOT 406 Specification Cargo Tanks

Fuel Delivery Trucks


  • The overturn rails are heavy duty extrusions which are actually enclosed box girders for extra strength and protection. These rails are also ideally suited for use as a vapor recovery line.
  • The box sills that support the tank are also heavy duty extrusions which have wood sill retainer flanges to prevent the wood from walking out from under the tank. These box sills also serve as storage for up to 3″ diameter drop hoses.
  • The internal compartment baffles have staggered offset openings to further reduce product sloshing and improve the overall handling of the unit.
  • The expanded metal safety walk area on the tank top is installed the full length for added driver safety.
  • The front ladder is wider, with more toe clearance to the front of the tank. For added safety this ladder has extruded rungs and a one piece grab rail and is removable via bolted attachments. The tank top has a removable cover over the hose reel area for ease of servicing (or removal) of various equipment components.
  • This tank is furnished with Tiona Betts PAF 406-96 premium access manholes and vents and includes brass calibration marker rods. The manholes are installed offset 4″ to the curbside for a wider walkway down the roadside of the tank.
  • The electrical wiring system is Betts Industries Solid Wire System incorporating non-corrosive light housings with Lexan lenses for longer life.
  • The back-up lights are sealed beam flood lights located lower on the tank, to be most effective for the driver during evening deliveries. The tank wiring is connected in separate marine grade junction boxes at each end of the tank for ease of servicing or tracing electrical shorts.
  • The numerous hose roller guides are made from aluminum pipe with Delrin nylon sleeve bearings to prevent rusting and freeze-up which provide for longer life of the delivery hose.
  • The tank top is furnished with two (2) aluminum turret drains staggered (front and rear) to drain off rainwater whichever direction the unit is pitched.
  • The rear bumper is a rugged tubular steel bumper for driver protection that is bolted on to the rear of the equipment compartment.


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